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Benefits of precast concrete tiles

Benefits of precast concrete slabs, FORTAN's precast concrete slabs are a great option for different spaces, both for residential and commercial use, here are some of the benefits of precast concrete slabs that you should consider in your project.

Some of the benefits of precast concrete slabs are:

  • Heavy duty.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Heavy duty for high vehicular traffic.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.

Heavy duty.

FORTAN concrete tiles are made to provide excellent quality and that is why they have high strength and durability for any of your applications.

Low maintenance costs.

One of the long-term benefits of FORTAN's precast concrete slabs is the low cost of maintenance, being materials of excellent performance and quality the maintenance cost will be minimal, so the cost benefit for our products is excellent.

Variety of sizes.

Our products have a great variety of sizes for your applications, some of the sizes of our concrete slabs are:

  • 15×60 cm
  • 20×60 cm
  • 30×60 cm
  • 60×60 cm
  • 60×90 cm

Heavy duty for high vehicular traffic.

The heavy workloads on these types of concrete slabs can vary from pedestrian traffic to heavy vehicular traffic. Our FORTAN products are developed with the best quality for application in various areas.

Indoor or outdoor use.

Our FORTAN concrete tile lines have great functionality for diverse areas and scenarios, both residential and commercial, our products have excellent finishes to be used in interior or exterior areas.

Concrete tiles and floors in Monterrey:

Here are some of our FORTAN products, which could be an excellent option for your project:

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