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Liu Residences

A mixed-use project with offices, residential spaces, commercial area and a 5-star hotel, built on a large plaza with 14,800 m² of green areas, water mirrors, sculptural spaces and walkways.

14,800 m²

Project Overview

FORTAN brand stone and cement floors in Liu Residences East and West, chosen to match the sophistication of an architectural line that offers exclusivity and functionality.

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Commercial Use

Unique designs combining appearance, colors and style, with a great performance for areas of high pedestrian and / or vehicular traffic for commercial centers.

Residential Use

Use in walls and floors for any types of residential projects including terraces, garages and facades, in order to provide a striking and innovative style.

Public Spaces

Facades and flooring systems with an exclusive range of colors and mixtures of stone and concrete, for public squares, sidewalks, universities, etc.

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